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The Day Before Day 1

I have a lot of great intentions. Really, I do.  In my head, my home would look perfectly put together and reminiscent of a Pottery Barn catalog — a marriage between understated elegance and alluring cozy.  I would be able to shout “BEAT YOU TO IT!” as I pass one of those taunting billboards on the freeway asking if I want to be “high school skinny”.  I would never miss a birthday, always be on time, and be so organized with my schedule that the act of juggling would not feel like juggling at all. I would not be easily irritated by strangers and would, most definitely, show more kindness and compassion to those in my everyday life.

Every January 1, I tell myself that THIS  will be the year that everything comes together. My house will become show worthy…along with my abs. I resolve to throw clutter and trans fats to the wind as I embark on a new, improved, more serene lifestyle! Then, inevitably, the first happy hour of the year rolls around and all bets are off. Let’s face it, you can’t have a happy hour without nibbles (preferably fried) and juicy gossip (Can I have that with a side of bitching, please?). And who wants to workout after a fun evening out? Not me, amigos.

It’s time for me to face some basic facts about myself. One: I am lazy. Two: [Occasionally] I do not play well with others. Whether it is my co-worker with the chronically squeaky shoe, the woman who talks on her cellphone in the ladies’ room stall, or the guy in front of me at Jack In The Box who can’t decide on his order (GAHH! Just get the Jumbo Jack!), I oftentimes find my blood pressure rising just by being in the remote vicinity of these…ahem….irritants.

Enter 28 Day of Kindness.  In my ever present quest for self-improvement, I have decided that 2011 will be the year that I chill the heck out.  However, because I know myself (see basic facts one and two above), I will not be setting myself up for failure by making this a New Year’s resolution. No, I will pick one month for a kindness experiment.  February seemed like a natural choice because of it’s connotation with Valentine’s Day, love and all that other mushy stuff. Essentially, everything that I’m trying to achieve. What’s even better? It is the shortest month of the year with only 28 days. Sold!

So, beginning tomorrow, I will embark on my quest for kindness.  In order to keep myself in check, I have set a couple ground rules:

  1. I must do one kind deed per day. This can range from small, random acts of kindness to more grandiose, planned acts.
  2. I will not verbalize any snarky or unkind remarks throughout the entire experiment. Disclaimer: The only exceptions will be comments about certain co-workers and the entire cast of The Bachelor.

I toyed with the decision on whether to chronicle my “journey” (shout out to all my fellow Bachelor fans!). I do think good deeds are best when done anonymously. However, my lazy self will definitely benefit from the accountability this blog will provide. It’s like being in a group fitness class at the gym — I may be about to die of exertion, but there’s no way that I’m going to be the Fatty Patty that quits in front of everyone and leaves class early!

More importantly, I aim to inspire. I can’t be the only person who spends a good portion of my existence simply going through the motions of my over-extended days. How many times during the day do we miss an opportunity to brighten someone else’s?  Hopefully, you will read about a minuscule, yet kind thing I do and think to yourself, “Oh snap, that’s pretty easy. I could do that, too!”  Before you know it violent crime will be only a legend and we will all be pooping rainbows and dreaming in cartoon (another shout out to my  fellow Bachelor fans!). No, no….eradicating violent crime  and 32-bit color dreams is not my intent. However, I see nothing but good coming from a potential outbreak of the warm fuzzies.

Look out world…you’re about to get niced!


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