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You know those articles of clothing that ALWAYS get compliments? I love those! I have three in my current wardrobe rotation. Although, I can really only take credit for one — a pair of Dune camel flats with leather bows on the toe that I picked up in London two years ago. They were an emergency purchase (for real, Dad!). I was transferring trains from the airport and tripped (I did not Mind The Gap). Somehow, my toe hit the side of the train as I was boarding and knocked off my left shoe. It flew under the train onto the tracks.

So…there I was. Alone. In London. With one friggin’ shoe.  After a brief moment of panic wondering if the Brits would get a joke about a girl from Tennessee showing up barefoot, I thankfully realized that I had a pair of stiletto boots in my suitcase.  I looked ridiculous as I hobbled down the cobblestone streets to my cousin’s flat, but, hey, at least I was fully clothed.

Anyway, back to the lovely Dune flats. Every single time I wear them, someone always makes a comment. The same goes for an Anthropologie white coat  and  a Parisian purple scarf — both gifts from my Mom. And you know what? It makes my day. Every. Single. Time.

So, for today’s act of kindness, I’m doling out the compliments. Well, not doling, I am being sincere after all.  I kicked things off this morning when a co-worker came into my office wearing the cutest brown boots. I know I have complimented them before, but I just had to gush about them again.  They’re that awesome.

Throughout the day, I’ve been extra mindful to notice nice things about people and, subsequently, acknowledge it. What they are wearing (“I just love those boots!”). If they did something nice (“You made a new pot of coffee? Thanks!You are so thoughtful!”).  Interestingly, I have been concentrating so hard at trying to notice all the good about people today, I have found myself being far less irritated. It really is hard to find someone utterly annoying when you are focusing on one of their more redeeming traits.



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You know on Glee when Mr. Shuester takes two okay songs and mashes them together to form one awesome song? That’s kind of like my acts of kindness today. To be honest, I’m a busy little bee this afternoon and don’t have a ton of time to think of some super awesome act of kindness (I’ve always been a bit more on the Sue Sylvester side). A lot of my busy-ness has to deal with the silent auction I’m chairing (see tomorrow’s post Silence of the Auction), but most of it deals with the amazingly, super fun weekend that I have in store!

Just when I thought yesterday couldn’t be any more beautiful…BAM! It’s today and the forecast is a sunny 74 degrees. What do I crave on sunny 74 degree days??? Well, yes, a cold beer on a patio somewhere would be correct. BUT…coming in at a very close second (and because it isn’t 5:00 yet) is a milkshake! Now, normally, my go-to place for a milkshake is Chik-fil-A.  The Oreo milkshake? Delish! However, as I was scrounging for a kindness idea today, I remembered the Ronald McDonald House of Charlotte’s volunteer newsletter I received this week which mentioned that all area McDonalds are donating a portion of their milkshake sales to RMHC. This promotion lasts through March 31st, so feel free to embrace Fatass Friday and go get you one, too!

I am mashing my Milkshake For Charity act of kindness with my Appreciation For My Assistant act of kindness. You see, this week I’ve been working from home because my office is in the process of moving locations. I’ve had a new assistant all week.  On Monday, I wasn’t sure if things were going to work out. Honestly, she was a little needy and whined an awful lot. By Wednesday, she was even sleeping on the job! I was certain yesterday was going to be her last day, but she managed to turn things around (I think it was her crooked smile) and, today, I promoted her to an office with a view. 

Movin’ on up like George and Weezy

Yes, Miss Lilly is flying up that dining room chair corporate ladder. Today is a special day for her. Today, her Auntie Meagan is coming for a long, overdue visit AND we’re going to go on a nice, long walk (so I can negate those milkshake calories). She may even get a couple of extra treats to pacify herself while Auntie Meagan and I go treat ourselves to some mani/pedis.  Which brings me to the icing on the cake for today’s mash up — a pedicure for myself. This is an act of kindness to the boyfriend, because he can now stop pretending to not notice my fugly toes. 😉

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As I was researching ideas for acts of kindness (please don’t judge that I actually had to do research on this topic), another idea that stood out was offering to babysit for a pair of new parents. What a great idea! What couple wouldn’t love a break from G-rated nights in and chicken nuggets for dinner?!
The wheels immediately began to turn. Hmm….who do I know who has a kid? Annnd, let’s be frank…it was really who do I know who has a well-behaved kid? Enter the boyfriend’s friends, Will & Jessica! Even better? Not only is their 10 month old son, Aiden, a well-behaved baby…he is super cute to boot!  

When the topic first came up, I wasn’t sure if Will and Jess would be on board. After all, they are relatively new parents and had only met me once before. Would they be cool with letting a relative stranger into their home to care for their, so-far, only child? According to the boyfriend, Jessica’s enthusiastic “YES!” came without hesitation.   

So tonight the boyfriend and I took a break from club-hopping and wild nights on the town takeout and Redbox and got a brief taste of life on the other side.  As I’m discovering about most of these acts of kindness, I feel like I gained more than I gave tonight. We had so much fun hanging out with Aiden! However, the best part of the whole evening was the gratitude shown by Will & Jess. As we were leaving, Jess’s parting words were “We had so much fun tonight, we may even make out!”  And that, ladies and gentlemen, puts them in the running for the Biggest Warm Fuzzy award. After all, nothing makes me feel better than knowing I may have played a part in the creation of Alex, otherwise known as Baby #2.

Thanks for the Stella glass, guys!

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I’ll be honest…being kind is a lot of work.  Well, let me rephrase that (in haiku because I’m such a nerd):

I find being kind
Takes calculated effort,
But I’m improving.

I’ve been a bit preoccupied with planing and/or doing good deeds and haven’t really had as much time for socializing as I normally do.

Last night, I was surprised to find out that a dear friend of mine had just had emergency surgery this week.  I contacted her this morning to see how she was holding up. She informed me that she was fine and at home — enjoying her meds and a Sex and the City marathon. After a brief twinge of jealousy, I insisted that she allow me to drop off some soup during my lunch break.

I had been craving the Spinach, Asparagus, & Leek soup from Amelie’s and my dear, sick friend’s condo was on the route. Perfect! After a quick Harris Teeter pit stop  for the latest Vogue and a fruit punch Gatorade, Old Ironsides (ie my car) was back on the road a la Meals On Wheels.

Vogue + fruit punch Gatorade + Amelie's soup = Cure for any ailment

Today’s act of kindness wasn’t completely altruistic. Rarely will I pass up the opportunity for Amelie’s. Yes, the soup is phenomenal, but it is the Salted Caramel Brownie that keeps me coming back (much too often).  I offered one to dear, sick friend…but, alas, she hasn’t quite made it back to solid foods yet.  Happy Friday to me!

If this brownie was cocaine, I'd be Bobby Brown.


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Don’t you love those days when an I-Was-Just-Thinking-About-You message from an old friend hits your Inbox? That happened to me this morning and instantly brightened my day.  So, I decided that today’s act of kindness would be to send my own I-Was-Just-Thinking-About-You email to another long, lost friend.

With all of the methods of communication available these days, I’m embarrassed to admit that I haven’t spoken to this friend since sometime last fall. Luckily, she is the type of person where you can go months without communicating and pick up exactly where you left off. Yeah… she’s awesome like that.

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Today just happens to be the birthday of one of my nearest and dearest. Could there BE a more perfect way to kick off my 28 Days of Kindness?! I think not.  I am more than thrilled to be coordinating Miss Melissa Grace Lamkin’s (aka  Swankypeach) birthday dinner and am so looking forward to all the festivities tonight at The Cowfish.

I want today to be super special for Mel because she is seriously one of the most thoughtful people I know.  In lieu of the typical funny, borderline inappropriate, birthday card I usually purchase for members of my inner circle…in the name of kindness, I will be opting for a more meaningful card to show Swanky just how much she means to me.  I picked out the most awesome card at Paper Skyscraper during my lunch break. It had a lovely quote (unfortunately, I did not jot it down…but, trust me, it was some good stuff) and was made from 100% recycled paper (bonus points for being kind to Mother Earth!).

Happy Birthday, Swanky!


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