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Coffee in my office is a double-edged sword. On one hand, it is free. On the other, it is Folgers. Or Maxwell House. Or whatever happens to on sale at Sam’s. Today I decided to bring in a little treat for my fellow coffee-lovin’ cohorts.

Good morning, Bruegger’s!  While Starbucks is my standard, go-to coffee of choice, nothing beats a Bruegger’s brew when I’m in the mood to start my morning off with some pizazz. Bruegger’s Hazelnut coffee is to die for. The Pumpkin Spice? Hands down, the best thing about Fall.  Today they were featuring a Golden French Toast blend. Hello, lover. However, because my office tends to be a little…ahem…no frills, I opted for the regular House Blend and set up a coffee bar in our break room.  Huge hit! (Thanks, PK, for the awesome idea!)



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When I have days that aren’t so hot, my first choice for consolation is a Dean & Deluca almond cupcake.  Depending on the day, that could either be paired with a venti black Starbucks or a bottle of Prosecco.

Second runner up to the delicious, ego-healing powers of the D&D cupcake would be a Twix bar. Or M & M’s. Or Snickers. It just so happens that the stars have indeed aligned and the geniuses at Mars have packaged all of my favorites into one V-day, fun-filled bag.  I threw one of these little dandies into my shopping cart while at the Teeter to bring back to the office. Judging from the candy dishes that were half empty within half an hour, I’d say the co-workers enjoyed being niced.

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